Casino Flash Games Reviews

Online casinos almost always have a good selection of simple yet fun browser-based games that you can dip in and out of whenever the mood might take you. For fans of casino flash games let’s take a look at one good one that you might like to try.

Governor of Poker

Governor of Poker by Yonder Games is a Wild West-themed Flash poker game. It takes a matter of seconds to load and get started by simply choosing a user name and indicating your gender. While this is going on you will be put in the mood with some western style theme music in the background. You then choose between three difficulty settings: beginner which essentially teaches you how to play poker, medium for those who know how to play the game but are not ‘real’ poker players and, finally, hard for those hardened poker pros amongst you. A nice usability feature is that if you switch to another tab or to another program the game automatically pauses itself.

You start in a frontier town with the instructions that your mission is to go from house to house to business playing poker with the aim of coming out on top in poker games in each one, the ultimate aim being to eventually conquer the whole of Texas as the ‘Poker Governor’. I selected the ‘medium’ level to start off with. You will see a number of venues in the town that you can visit. On arrival someone will let you know a poker game is going on and what the minimum buy-in is. If you choose to enter you will sit down at the table and start playing.

The graphics are simple but effective. The view looks down onto the table so you see the players from the tops of their Jaxon cowboy hats which is simple but actually effecting in creating a good visual experience for in-browser play without needing the details that good facial features require for realism. You have a dealer who narrates the games and the players are also voiced in a pleasant way, calling, checking, raising and demanding their winnings.

As you continue on with the game you will see both your pot of cash and your reputation going up and down. I lost my first game but did manage to take a respectable fourth spot at the table and will definitely be back for more. An excellent way to improve your poker skills in a fun environment. Highly recommended.