There are many different genres of flash games out there. Players can choose simple free-to-play games to games that are bought for a small charge and those with micro payments within the game you can make to unlock richer features. There are also many casino flash games which can be either played in free mode or with real money gambling to add some extra spice. Those we will look at here are mainly of the free-to-play variety or can be bought for a small fee.


Moneygrabber is a football game which is not quite a football game. Perhaps it is a little bit of an ironic play on the perceived commercialism and financial interest within modern top-level football but nonetheless this is both a fun and creative little romp of a game. Your character is a footballer whose job is, rather than to score goals, to get hold of as much money as he can. In doing so he also has to make sure he dodges a host of falling dangers such as giant footballs trying to flatten him, mud balls and bombs.

The controls are pretty simple and you move your player left and right with the arrow keys, with his jumping activated either by hitting the space bar or the up arrow. The graphics are simple 2D and the music is quite annoying if truth be told. Coins drop out of the air and your job is to run back and forward along the screen collecting them. However, so do the giant footballs and other dangers which bounce across your path. Most of the time I found myself jumping into the balls and other missiles raining down on my player rather than them hitting me on the way down. Presumably by spending a little time playing this game and getting better coordination of the controls would prevent this but to be honest it is not really grabbing enough to get to that stage. I had three goes on the game, got a little bit frustrated and gave up. The secret of a simple yet addictive game is to be both frustrating and keep you playing. Moneygrabbers, for me, only succeeds in the first half of this equation and is not a classic.

Angry Gran Run

Angry Gran run is a game thematically brought out for the time of year and features a gran with, well, running. She also looks a little miffed. This is a fast paced game with slick graphics and some decent sound effects to boot. It’s also got a funky, modern backing track which does effectively add to the mood. Set in a spooky looking town you control Angry Gran as she bombs through the streets dodging obstacles by either bounding over them or sliding under them. On her way she is taking out vigilante-style looking ruffians and ghouls hanging around on the streets up to no good. A great fun game, simple but made the most of by being done very well.