Flash Games Review

Flash games are definitely hit and miss affairs and the next two that we will review unfortunately fall into the latter category. Creating the balance between simplicity and enjoyable, addictive playability is certainly not something which is easy to achieve as we will see here.

Green Beret Castle Assault

Green Beret Castle Assault by GamesMiracle.com is possibly in the bottom three Flash games ever created. It sounds promising and disappoints disastrously. You are the commander of the Green Beret company and have to complete battle missions in what is proffered as a Flash shoot-em-up. The graphics are not too bad and the castle, soldiers and guns etc. look semi-realistic for such a simple game. In the first level I was instructed that my mission was to take out a castle. All I had to do was aim the cursor over the castle and click the mouse furiously. Actually, I didn’t even need to do that as my mates were shooting as well and gradually destroying it. So I could have just waited an extra minute or two. Nothing to avoid, no enemy soldiers to aim for, just a massive castle to hover a cursor over and tap the mouse pad to shoot at. And as the castle’s defences are weakened it gets shorter, which doesn’t make a great deal of sense. It doesn’t get holes blown in it or general damage, it just gradually get shorter. And why are a company with assault rifles attacking a medieval castle anyway?

I did choose the ‘easy’ level to start with, but there is easy and easy. Maybe there was something I didn’t get also but I did look for game instructions and couldn’t find any. If there is something more to this game its makers have made a terrible job of presenting it and if there isn’t this is probably the worst Flash game I have ever come across in my life. The only miracle about GamesMiracle.com is if they actual exist as a money making company.

Goodgame Gangster

This game is another which starts promisingly only to implode. A colourful entry allowed me to start creating my character, choosing its gender, and spinning a dice to choose its looks. I gave the dice a few spins as my first few girls not the most aesthetically pleasing and eventually the generator came up with a bit of a minx. And I chose her personality as being a bit of a cunning manipulator. The visuals looked good and I was quite keen to get started and give this game a go. I hit start and went through to the next page, where my email address was required, so I quit. This might be a good game or it might not but come on Flash game makers! You are only going to entice people to give you an email if you first prove to them you are worth it. We know we are going to get spammed so we at least want to know if it’s going to be with a chance of being offered a decent game to play once in a while!